Piano Lessons: What to Expect

Patrick Byrne at the pianoWhat to Expect from your Piano Lessons

Taking Piano Lessons  — at any age — is a real adventure.

For one thing, compared to other musical instruments only the piano has as wide a variety of songs that you can have fun learning to play.

The piano has been at the very center of music making for nearly 400 years and it is hard to think of a style of music that can’t be played on the piano.

So, whether you want to play Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Country or just about any other musical style, it will all sound great on the piano.

Getting  Started

Since playing the piano uses both hands nearly constantly, during your Piano Lessons my teaching method will focus on helping your two hands to work well together but also — this is very important — become strong and independent of each other.

This is important because in beginning piano music the right hand usually plays the melody and the left hand usually plays the accompaniment or chords.

You’ll sound better if your two hands can play these two roles independently. For example, you’ll usually want the melody to sound louder than the accompaniment.

As you progress with you Piano Lessons to harder piano music your hands will often switch roles with the left hand playing the melody or a cool bass line while the right hand plays some chords or accompaniment notes.

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Improvising or Playing from a “Fake Book”

One of the key skills that I want to teach you as you advance in playing the piano is to be able to improvise — or make things up  — when you play the piano.

Most people who play Pop music — as opposed to Classical music — want to play a song just a little differently each time that they play it.

These improvised variations make playing the song on the piano more enjoyable for the player and a truly unique experience for your audience everytime that you play it.

Being able to play your favorite songs from a “Fake Book” is a great skill for every piano player to learn. If you haven’t heard the term “fake book” before, don’t worry, in the world of music being able to fake a song — play from a fake book — is a very good thing.

According to Wikipedia:

“A fake book is a collection of musical lead sheets intended to help a performer quickly learn new songs. Each song in a fake book contains the melody line, basic chords, and lyrics – the minimal information needed by a musician to make an impromptu arrangement of a song, or “fake it.”

The fake book is a central part of the culture of playing music in public, particularly in jazz, where improvisation is particularly valued.”

So, being able to play piano from a fake book is one of the goals of every intermediate or advanced piano player who takes piano lessons with me.

Patrick Byrne at the pianoMy goal is for you to really love playing the piano. I hope that I will be the teacher who helps you begin your musical journey and reach your full potential as a piano player

Pat Byrne

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