Patrick Byrne, private piano lessons, Wauwatosa, Brookfield, Elm Grove, New Berlin, MilwaukeeWhat to Expect from your Private Piano Lessons

Taking Private Piano Lessons  — at any age — is a real adventure.

For one thing, compared to other musical instruments only the piano has such a wide variety of songs and styles that you can have fun learning to play.

The piano has been at the very center of music making for nearly 400 years and it is hard to think of a style of music that can’t be played beautifully on the piano.

So, whether you want to play Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Country or just about any other musical style, they will all sound great on the piano.

Private Piano Lessons for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

No matter what your age, learning to play the piano requires you to develop both physical and mental skills.

Body: Piano students obviously begin developing their small finger muscles starting with their very first lesson. As they play over the subsequent months they will also be developing the larger muscles in their arm, shoulder and back as well. When they begin to play intermediate piano music after about a year of private piano lessons, piano students will also begin using their feet to play the piano pedals. Piano students do not develop all of these muscles independently, they must also learn to coordinate them as well so that they all work together smoothly.

Mind: Piano Students begin using their brain right away as they start learning the language of music notation. The Music notation that we use today has evolved over the last 1000 years. At the very beginning of your private piano lessons a good deal of a student’s brain power is aimed at learning to read the notes and other symbols:

old macdonald early childhood piano musicOnce a piano student has gotten the knack of reading basic notation they advance to interpreting the piano music so that they can play it expressively the way the composer intended. For example, advanced piano students will be reading and interpreting famous pieces like Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune:

advanced piano students dlair de luneTraveling from Old MacDonald’s Farm to Debussy’s moonlit landscape will be a journey of several years and my private piano students enjoy every step along the way as they gradually develop the skills needed to play more interesting music.

Spirit: At every level from the farm to the moon my private piano students are affecting their spirit as their physical and mental skills improve. Music is a very spiritual art. And playing the piano one cannot avoid affecting their spirit. Whether a piano student is learning to play hymns from their church’s hymnal or a classical dance or a pop love song, the music was originally created to capture a particular spirit or mood. To be a good piano player my piano students learn to play the music with the intended expression: happy, sad, angry, hopeful, etc.

My goal is for you to really love playing the piano. I hope that I will be the teacher who helps you begin your musical journey and reach your full potential as a piano player

Pat Byrne

Patrick Byrne, private piano lessons, Wauwatosa, Brookfield, elm grove, new berlin, milwaukee