Payments for weekly private piano lessons with Patrick Byrne can either be made

in person at the time of the lesson by using cash or check

or paid on-line in advance using your credit card (see below).

There are three Tuition Rates used for weekly, private piano lessons:

Introductory Piano Lesson Rate

$20.00 per half-hour per week

covering the first four piano lessons for New Students

Standard Piano Lesson Rate

$25.00 per half-hour per week

Normal rate for an individual taking piano lessons after the first five Introductory Lessons

Family Piano Lesson Rate

$22.00 per half-hour per week

Used when more than one family member is taking piano lessons

(this same low rate is also used for Seniors, 60+. When paying on-line below, please use the Family Rate.)

Hour Piano Lesson Rate

$44.00 per hour per week

When your playing reaches the Intermediate/Advanced level, you should seriously consider taking weekly hour lessons to allow enough time to cover the longer pieces that you are learning at that level.  Hour Lessons are billed as “family lessons”

Please note that on-line payments for piano lessons are made via PayPal using your credit card.

You need not be part of PayPal to use their service

Payments will be paid to the Studio of Musical Arts, LLC.

Introductory Lesson Rate


Family Lesson Rate (Two family members)


Standard Lesson Rate

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