Music teacher Patrick Byrne guitar piano voice“I’ve had a really great time “working” with you. You’ve really taught me a lot. I give you all the credit, you’re the one that mostly got me to this point… You’ve been a great teacher! Thank you sooo incredibly much. You’re one of the best choir teachers or teacher I’ve ever had! I’ll miss you.”

Written by a former student when she was leaving Middle School.

You have made an indelible mark on my heart and my daughter’s. It was our good fortune to have had your guidance, insight, creativity and teaching since my daughter entered second grade at Hartland North. You amaze me at your techno-skills, your visions and the wonderful productions of which she has been a part. She is better because of your influence in her life.

Parent of middle-school student

“Oh, boy, where do I start. Best 3 years of Choir ever. I know that when I sing at Arrowhead I will be prepared because of all the things you’ve taught me. You really brought out the ham in me. You have so much enjoyment in what you do that it made it funnier for me.”

Graduating eighth grader

I cannot ever thank you enough for being such a great teacher! I really appreciate all of the effort and time you put into all of our concerts and trips! Thanks so much!”

Recent Eight-grade student upon graduation

You’ve had a wonderful impact on the music education of so many children over the years and I am so grateful for the influence you had on my two boys, you are a real positive memory for them.”

Parent of former students

“Thanks for being such a wonderful choir director… You have helped me learn so much about music as well as help me remember how important it is. I have learned many things from you in the last two years that I know I will remember forever. Thanks for being such a great teacher.

Former student upon graduation

“I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for getting my kindergartner and first grader off to such a great start in music this year… Both girls were so excited about your class and commented that you made it fun. That makes us, as parents, happy, too.

Parent of two elementary students

“Your commitment to kids and your above-and-beyond teaching style are appreciated…”

Parents of middle-school students

“I believe that Patrick has a true vocation in teaching music. I have found him to be an excellent example in what it takes to be a committed teacher. I have always found him to be a good example for students as well. He has loyalty, dedication and patience… Patrick has a great sense of humor and impeccable wit that would allow for the right kind of relationship one should have with students The students that he has or had have always respected him as a teacher and he has always taken an interest in them. Parents have had that same mutual respect because of his particular style and his down to earth approach… Pat has always been an excellent musician on piano and guitar.

Personal reference from a former church Choir member.

“You not only introduced me to the beauty of the piano but to the beauty of children who can be free in expressing music. As an adult I always felt great anxiety in performing as a beginner. However, as I watched my fifth graders [that you taught] playing their recorders freely, uninhibited and willingly for others, I realized that music is to be played and enjoyed as children enjoy it. You taught them that appreciation of playing and performing and they taught me.”

Remembrance from a former colleague and student.

“You do a great job with middle school and elementary students, making you a great asset to this building.”

Former Principal’s Comment in Professional Evaluation

“Pat continues to run a great music program… excellent variety of activities… excellent introduction and exposure to music I feel that it is a credit to Pat that the older students are gaining a better attitude toward music.

Former Principal’s Comment in Professional Evaluation

“You motivate your students by using lots of verbal as well as non-verbal re-inforcers. You are very kind with your students… You also have fun with them… You are an excellent role model for them.

Former Principal’s Comment in Professional Evaluation

You are very positive and encouraging with your students which causes them to want to perform for you. You have developed an excellent student-teacher relationship Through your example the kids can see you really enjoy music, teaching and being with them. You provide lots of praise to your students which motivates them to do well.

Former Principal’s Comment in Professional Evaluation

Pat was very sensitive to meet the needs of all students. The group performance at the end of the class was a great success for all individuals.”

Former Principal’s Comment in Professional Evaluation

“Pat has taken on a very difficult job. It is absolutely astounding that he has made such visible progress in so short a time.

Former Principal’s Comment in Professional Evaluation

“Pat is sensitive to the individual needs of his students… Pat is a warm and caring adult who is a wonderful role model for students. He is always calm and positive with each student.

Former Principal’s Comment in Professional Evaluation

“Pat is an effective teacher who reflects a warm, open and honest approach. He is a sincere individual who promotes a positive and active instructional approach. Every child has the opportunity to participate, learn and have fun.”

Former Principal’s Comment in Professional Evaluation

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