Piano Parties

Piano Parties are an essential part of the way your child prepares for our Spring Recital. These small-scale events are held at my home in Wauwatosa and are stepping stones toward a successful performance in the Spring.

There are usually three Piano Parties during the school year in October, February and April. Our Spring Recital is usually in May and is held in a church or similar large, public venue.
Here are some special features of our Piano Parties:
There is no extra fee for the Piano Parties.
Piano Parties are intended for my elementary, middle-  and high-school students. Piano Parties  grow out of my belief that music is a form of communication. Just like any spoken language, the only way to practice “communicating” with it is to actually play your music for others to enjoy.
Piano Parties are NOT recitals, concerts or competitions. The goal is to give your child an opportunity to play for others in a relaxed and casual situation. I want to make the experience as much fun and as stress-free as possible. You can think of it as a musical version of show-and-tell.
Piano Parties have two parts: The “Piano” part usually lasts an hour or less. Then come the “ party” part with some kind of yummy treat. (Please let me know if there are any dietary issues that I need to be aware of in providing these snacks).
Each Piano Party is totally focused on my student performers. A parent (especially of younger students) can sit in although this is not required or expected. Most beginners perform better without their parents around. Sorry but that is true. Parents are therefore encouraged to drop off your child(ren) and then pick-up them about an hour later.
It is not necessary to dress up for a Piano Party. Your usual casual “lesson” clothes will be fine.
Out-of-town grandparents, if they happen to be visiting that day, are always welcome. I have a soft spot for grandparents!

Each child chooses 2-3 of their favorite songs to play at the Piano Party. For each song, your child will be expected to announce the name of the song and then tell us two or three interesting things about the song such as: the composer; when it was written; what they like about playing the song; etc.

In addition to Piano Parties I always encourage the parents of my students to have weekly “listening sessions” or “family recitals” where you sit down and give your child(ren) your undivided attention for a few minutes while your they play for you their favorite old songs or new songs they are currently working on. At these events they should not be practicing but performing for you. No criticism, please, simply listen and encourage. Doing this regularly for a few minutes each week will work wonders in helping your child gain confidence as a performer.